Rad Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate photo-op, part 1

Jun 06, 2014
2014 Jun 06
Yuri Araujo

A new Monster Hunter game with new weapon types demands awesome new props!

Starting next week at E3 2014, you get to hold this sweet-looking  Insect Glaive and take an epic photo in honor of  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate … or just plain awesomeness. Your choice!

Now some close-ups of the Kinsect

The other end of the  Bone Glaive

And another heroic pose:

Isn’t it amazing? And our classic  Rathalos Firesword Great Sword will also be there for those who prefer hunting with more traditional weapons! Now what will I show on part 2 of this blog…? Guess you’ll have to tune in next week to find out. 😉