RE Revelations Swapnote winners revealed

Jan 15, 2013
2013 Jan 15
Minish Capcom

As a big fan of Revelations and the unique 3DS Swapnote software, I ran a contest asking for RE fan art drawn entirely within the finite constraints of said software. The results were quite spectacular, but more importantly, two of you have won copies of the game!

Our first winner is seen above, from Roth . The trickery used to make Claire appear in color was so interesting I had to ask:

 I actually used the Nintendo 3DS Camera’s Graffiti feature where I come up with a concept, and paint it out using the Stamps for my color pallette and the 3D tools to add some dimension. Then I imported it to Swapnote, pick a fitting Stationery (the one with S.T.A.R.S.!  Wink), outlined the drawing with black ink (til  the very last drop), and voilà! You can actually download the before-image and soundclip from the Swapnote when you click for details, etc. As for the soundclip I recorded it from YouTube using Nintendo 3DS Sound. Other than that, everything was done entirely on the 3DS. It’s a technique I’ve used for most of my Swapnotes.

Second winner is Wes , who drew this detailed sketch of a domesticated Nemesis, politely asking you over for dinner. Great use of stationery!

We had many other great entries as well:

Fantastic work everyone! Thanks for entering and hope to do this again sometime!