Red Bull Kumite This Weekend

Apr 21, 2016
2016 Apr 21
Harrison Young

Red Bull is inviting 14 legendary players to compete this weekend at the Red Bull Kumite in Street Fighter V! Players include Daigo, Luffy, Infiltration, Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, Keoma and more! To fill in the remaining two spots there will be an open qualifier Saturday. The open qualifier stream will take place at 2AM PT on Saturday with the Red Bull Kumite invitational starting at 5am PST on Sunday which include the players below and the two winners of the open qualifier tournament!


Follow Red Bull Esports on Twitch to see when they go live and watch the action all weekend! Additional information about the players and how you can enter the open qualifier yourself can found on the Red Bull Kumite website .


Legendary fighters include:

            Daigo                          Luffy

            Bonchan                     Tokido            

            Snake Eyez                 Infiltration      

            Keoma                        Kazunoko

            Alioune                        Xian

            Poongko                      Momochi

            Gamerbee                   Justin Wong