Resident Evil mug winner revealed, fans celebrate Revelations’ best moments

Feb 23, 2012
2012 Feb 23
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Last week I offered up what appears to be our last RE4/Code Veronica X HD mug as a prize for those who shared their favorite moments of Resident Evil Revelations. Actual selection of the winner was random, but I still read all 80+ entries and grabbed a few choice quotes straight from the forums .

MEGA SPOILERS AHEAD, for those who are still playing the game!

Without a doubt, the two big takeaway moments involve boss encounters. Rachael’s grisly fate and horrific transformation topped the list, not to mention the line “I found youuuuu,” which will probably go down as one of the series’ best spine-tingly moments. As for the other, Global Saturation put it best:

“The comms officer. I think a lot of people were impressed as well. Not so much because of the actual fight itself but because of the buildup to that fight. You didn’t just walk in a room and he fell from the sky and a battle begins. No, you heard a man’s voice pleading for help, it almost sounds believable but then you hear that sinister undertone…then you know something isn’t quite right. But still, you have no idea what is up ahead…but you’ve no choice but to press forward. You finally make it to that chained door and you’re pretty much able to confirm that there’s definently something wrong with this guy.”

Spooky stuff! More from the forums:


The biggest surprise for me was the ending. For once, Resident Evil kinda got the best of me. I didnt expect you-know-who to be working with her in the end. I thought for sure you were going to see him sneak up on her and kill her, but it was not that at all.


So far my favorite part was definitely the sequence where Chris and Jessica get to the ship, and fight through hordes of creatures trying to save Jill and Parker (who are trapped in a room filling with water!) Only to find out that they are in fact, NOT on the correct ship! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!


I’m in the process of playing through the game, but so far my favorite part was when Parker told me to go alone, and that got me so scared. With a partner, it’s a lot less scary traversing the ship. The feeling of being on my own and all alone just really augments the horror aspect of the game. Then when I finally found the site where the woman was attacked and she was gone, that sent shivers up my spine. Reading the journal even more so, just thinking how she’s gone and she’s obviously been mutated by the virus.

Then after I was finished, looking up and she was right there cackling at me was so scary how she ran away, baiting me to follow her. I was so terrorified that I had trouble even going up the stairs. Finally got up the courage and pursued, but just the fact that she was climbing in the vents and they basically connect to every room also made it hard for me to progress, knowing she could burst out of any of them and attack me. I knew that one attack would surely not kill my character, however it might give me a heart attack in real life lol.


Oddly enough it was the ‘Previously on…’ scenes. When I first heard about them I thought that they might become annoying but as I played more of the game and got more involved with the plot, the more I became enthralled by them!

They somehow reminded me of rushing home from school to catch my favourite T.V show before it started when I was younger (sounds weird I know), as the recaps allowed me to get excited and caught up in what was going to show up and happen next.


The final transformation of Jack Norman . It was such a great moment to me because it reminded me of my 7 year old self seeing William Birkin transform into the monstrosity that he was. The soundtrack that played for Norman was very similar to Birkin as well, utilizing similar sample sounds and instruments. It was a perfect final boss to a perfect game.


The soundtrack stood out quite nicely for me. The music suited the game rather well. It had loads of suspense in the right places which made the gaming experience very atmospheric and enjoyable! 🙂

Too true, Tomi! I also thoroughly enjoyed the OST, and feel it’s one of the series’ best soundtracks period. Some great stuff in there! As for the winner, Plebeianprint gets the mug via random selection. Thanks to everyone who commented, and I’ll see if I can’t shake more RE goodies outta the prize tree.