Retronauts Remembers Trojan, Do You?

Jul 15, 2010
2010 Jul 15

It’s a bit difficult (and awkward with modern connotations) to talk about Capcom’s 1987 post-apocalyptic action adventure game, Trojan. For many gamers, this game was a fun romp for the original Nintendo, but most of you may recall the arcade version, which recently shipped out with Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1.

Either way, Nadia Oxford over at 1UP’s Retronaut blog recently shared her childhood memory of playing Trojan on the NES during one oh her free summers (ah, how I miss those).

You should put your retro specs on and head on over to her blog. Be prepared to be flooded with memories 🙂

What games do you remember playing during your childhood summers? I realize that this is a Capcom blog and all, but I remember playing the heck out of Zombies Ate My Neighbors during one of my childhood summers.

What about you?