ScrewAttack Digs UN Squadron Out of the Vault

Jan 11, 2010
2010 Jan 11

“So in most shooters, you’re stuck with one character, but in UN Squadron you’ve got three, all of which power up differently and have different strengths. It also doesn’t hurt that one looks like a bad @$$ with hair over their eye and the other’s a fat @$$ jolly guy…like santa…in a plane…of DEATH.”

Thus begins ScrewAttack’s top 9 reasons to play U.N. Squadron, Capcom’s side-scrolling shooter from 1991 (SNES). Reason #7 is also equally amazing (that X means he is serious). Thanks to Zonic for pointing this video out to us!

Do any of you have fond memories of U.N. Squadron?

Sorry due to teh cursing we couldn’t embed the video here on the front page.