Spyborgs – Big Apple Brawling

May 13, 2009
2009 May 13

Yesterday was Day 1 of 2 on our New York press tour.  Last week we showed the game to LA press (and I owe you guys a blog about that).

It’s great to see various media outlets that focus on different parts of arts, media, and entertainment react favorably to their first time seeing Spyborgs.  You all being Unity fans, what you really want to know is what the GAMING sites think of Spyborgs, right?

Well, thanks to Stephen Totilo and Will Thompson of Kotaku and Infendo respectively, we already have two posts from the day of.  Driving Spyborgs news your way and a special thanks to them for being so quick to share their thoughts, here are their posts: (click on the site name to see the rest of the article )

– “Spyborgs, the impressively-rendered co-op brawler created by Bionic Games for the Wii, gives a good first impression. It looks better than most Wii games and plays well.”

– “Daryl showed me the way of the Spyborgs, and made me believe that three dimensional beat ‘em ups still have some fight left in them.”