SSFIV Arcade Edition 2012 Quick Update

Sep 30, 2011
2011 Sep 30

More balance changes for the SSFIV: AE free patch coming in 2012. 

Hey everyone, this is Ayano again! Autumn has greeted Japan with… some unpleasant chilliness. So, about the SSFIV AE 2012 beta, in conjunction with the Japanese location test, we’ve updated some stuff, so please check out the changes below! 


The active frames for crouching medium kick have been adjusted to 5 frames.

Due to this, the overall movement and reach of the attack are the same as they were in SSFIV.


EX Shoryuken’s damage has been adjusted to 80 + 30 + 30 + 60, for a total of 200.


When EX Vertical Rolling is blocked, he will have an additional 5 frames of recovery upon landing.


Quick recovery is no longer possible when Light, Medium, Heavy and EX Yoga Blast connects.

It is also no longer possible for the move to come out when you release the button for the Light, Medium and Heavy versions.


Removed throw invincibility on EX Seismic Hammer.

Heavy Thunder Knuckle has been adjusted so that it is now throw invincible up until the first frame that it comes out.

After EX Burning Kick connects, it is now possible to connect with her special moves and follow up attacks that are capable of juggling.


From EX Hyakkishu, it is now possible to perform an EX Zanku Hadoken.

Far standing Heavy Kick’s damage has been adjusted to 50 + 30 for a total of 80 damage, and when the second hit is blocked, Akuma is now at a -2 frame disadvantage.


When the first attack of Hashinsho hits the opponent, they will take standing damage.

Evil Ryu

Far standing medium kick’s range has been extended, and blocked frames has been reduced by 1 frame.

The result is that on hit the move will give Evil Ryu +2 frames of advantage and on guard -4 frames.

We’re still taking everyone’s suggestions into account and trying to update things as fast as possible. Please voice your opinions over at Capcom Unity!

Let’s switch gears over to Street Fighter X Tekken now!

We’ve heard a lot of opinions about Kazuya’s Mist Step when the Tokyo Game Show was open to the public. Players have been saying that Mist Stepping repeatedly is crazy, and that it can avoid Shoryukens and throws, making it too powerful. Already we’ve been getting requests to fix it quickly. (By the by, repeated Mist Steps is a familiar technique to fans of the Tekken series.)

In the Tokyo Game Show build, we wanted to get everyone’s feelings on the the Mist Step technique, which is why it’s currently a strong move. If you have the chance we’d like you to definitely try out that build! We will factor your opinions into the final version of the game, so don’t worry!

↑Mist Step avoids Hadokens!

This type of input technique is not in the Street Fighter series, so maybe practicing with the Tekken games would produce some good results!?

That’s it for today!

Please look forward to next week’s developer’s blog!