Streaming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from PAX East

Mar 21, 2013
2013 Mar 21
Yuri Araujo

We’re at PAX East!! And we’re streaming a bunch of cool games, as you may already know … and  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate  is one of them! So tune in to our  Twitch channel  at  3pm (Eastern time) on Saturday and Sunday for some  G-rank quests!

I’ll be taking on an Ivory Lagiacrus on Saturday and, not one, but TWO Brachydios on Sunday! I actually have not done theses quests before, (you know, trying to keep it real) so it should be an interesting stream. =P

And if you’re coming to PAX East, make sure you stop by at the Capcom booth as well as our  dedicated Monster Hunter booth ! It’s got a really pretty setup and an authentic Monster Hunter feel. We’ll have the demo set up for newcomers and powerstrips for you to  bring your own 3DS and join us in some quests, exchange Guild Cards and have some fun! See you there!