Street Fighter V Development Update Vol. 2

Jun 23, 2016
2016 Jun 23

Hey everyone!

We’re back with another developer blog update on Street Fighter V as we wanted to share some great news surrounding matchmaking in the update coming next week.  The server team has been hard at work making improvements to the online experience of the game, so hit the jump to see what to expect.

Improvements to Matchmaking Preferences

Since launch there have been issues where matchmaking preferences have not been working properly for some users.  This includes hardware preference settings, connection quality settings and being matched with other players far outside of your League Point range. These issues have now been resolved.

Matchmaking Speed

In some cases, player’s League Points weren’t synchronizing across all servers which resulted in longer than expected wait times to find a match. With this fix, users should start seeing matches at a more rapid pace than before.

Smarter Matchmaking

Matching logic based on League Points has been improved and players should now be matched with other players of similar skill more often.  There are also additional improvements to location based matchmaking, along with an increased range of qualified match candidates.

Improved Quality of Matches

Improvements were made to the connection range settings (1-5) and should more accurately reflect the quality of incoming matches.

That’s all the news for today but stay tuned as we have even more info surrounding the latest update coming next week! For the latest updates follow us at @StreetFighter on Twitter.