Street Fighter V E3 Exhibition Details!

Jun 12, 2015
2015 Jun 12

Attention all Street Fighters, I come bearing news that’s sure to make your hype levels “Rise Up!” to levels unseen. Yes, Street Fighter V will be playable at E3, but it doesn’t stop there! From the ComboFiend Kumite to Pro Player Exhibitions and Open Single Elimination Tournaments, we’ll be showcasing SFV in the grandest of fashions.

Continue on for exhibition and Capcom Fighters stream details!

EDIT: Added pictures of the exclusive SFV PS4 faceplate winners of our single tournaments will receive.

At E3, we plan to display the awesomeness that is Street Fighter V through numerous exhibitions. During these exhibitions, we expect those who are playing the game live and those watching at home to be making constant discoveries about the intricacies of the Street Fighter V battle system. With this build being drastically different than the Capcom Cup build in terms of looks, speed, and gameplay, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Now, before I provide you the streaming schedule over the three days, allow me to first elaborate on the planned exhibitions.

Single Elimination Tournaments

These will be peppered throughout the event and will contain eight players on a first come, first served basis. These eight players will battle it out in the first ever tournaments for Street Fighter V on the legendary Capcom Pro Tour e-Sports stage for a chance at some exclusive SFV goodies. Maybe a pro or two will enter these and show you something new? Maybe some new challengers will rise up and show them how it’s done in this brand new game? You’ll have to tune in and find out!

Here are pictures of the exclusive SFV PS4 faceplate we’re giving away as prizes to the winners of our Single Elimination Tournaments

ComboFiend Kumite

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the big stage and there will be no SFV stage bigger than the one at E3. During the ComboFiend Kumite, I’ll be playing against world renowned Street Fighter teams such as Team Evil Geniuses (Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, PR Rog, Momochi, K-Brad, and ChocoBlanka), Team Mad Catz (Daigo, Tokido, Mago), and Team Razer (Xian, Fuudo, and RB) in a few sets. Who will have more wins, me or them? Although the game is brand new, these amazing players have shown great Street Fighter prowess, so I’m sure I’ll have my hands full!

Character Demonstrations

During the Character Demonstrations I’ll hop on the stream and show off all the characters revealed up until E3. I’ll go through their V-Triggers, V-Skills, and general explanations of the characters themselves and may even run a set showing off new tech against a foe or two.

Pro Exhibition: Team Tournament

It’s a 3v3 team battle royal as teams Mad Catz, Evil Geniuses and Razer battle one another for Street Fighter V supremacy. With only a few hours to practice prior to the start of this, it’ll be interesting to see what tricks and tactics these pros will come up with!

Pro Exhibition: Singles Tournament

Team loyalty goes out the window as each pro player fends for themselves in what’s sure to be a slobber knocker. With big cash on the line, which of these pros will rise up and become the first ever official SFV tournament champion?

Editor Elimination Exhibition (E3)

Leading editors in the gaming industry go at it to prove which publication holds the strongest Street Fighter. Last year’s editor tournament finals in USFIV between IGN’s Vince Ingenito and Edge’s Nathan Brown came down to a nail biting finish, with Nathan taking the crown home. Will these two make it to the finals again or will we see some new faces take them out? Which publication houses the strongest Street Fighter? Tune in and see for yourself!

With so much new information to digest, it may be a little overwhelming to keep up with what’s happening on screen. Have no fear however, as Ultra David, James Chen, Mike Ross, and I will be on commentary throughout the show, giving you insight into what’s unfolding right before your very eyes.

Event Schedule (all times are in PDT)


Tuesday, June 16, 2015 (Stream starts 12pm~6pm)

  • 12pm~1pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 1pm ~2pm: ComboFiend Kumite
  • 2pm~3pm: [Stream] ComboFiend Character Demos/Pre-Exhibition Show
  • 2pm~3pm: [Stage] Ono-san Signing Session
  • 3pm~6pm: Pro Exhibition: Team Tournament


Wednesday, June 17, 2015 (Stream 12pm~6pm)

  • 10am~11am: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 11am~12pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 12pm~1pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 1pm~2pm: ComboFiend Kumite
  • 2pm~3pm: [Stream] ComboFiend Character Demos/Pre-Exhibition Show
  • 2pm~3pm: [Stage] Ono-san Signing Session
  • 3pm~6pm: Pro Exhibition: Singles Tournament

Thursday, June 18, 2015 (Stream runs 10am~2pm)

  • 10am~12pm: Editor Elimination Exhibition (E3)
  • 12pm~1pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 1pm~2pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 2pm~3pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 3pm~4pm: Single Elimination Tournament
  • 4pm~5pm: Freeplay

Whew, that’s a lot of SFV action. But with so much to explore, even this isn’t enough! Be sure to tune into the Capcom Fighters channel to watch all this SFV action unfold from the E3 show floor and also follow Capcom Fighters on Twitter for the latest updates.