Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Dev Blog: Revenge of the Capcom Combo Labs!

Feb 05, 2010
2010 Feb 05

The Capcom Combo Labs are back to share some more combo fun that also demonstrates a number of the TvC game systems. 

TvC director Neo_G also talks about the way rankings work, and indirectly outs a few of the famous players (and possibly devs?) near the top of the leaderboards, and teases some balance change details for next time.  

As an aside, I was in a chat room with some TvC fans earlier this week when I was asked “So is Joe the Condor’s Battering Ram [fireball motion + any attack] move any good?” 

Well Chindogg , this one goes out to you: it’s another combo into Bird Missile super (this has become something of a fixation in the lab), and this time it actually gets praised by game director Neo_G 🙂

Hit the jump for the blog and more combo vids!

Hi everyone,

it’s been a week since the release now, how’s it going?  Are you battling?  It seems like everybody is enjoying the online feature, I’m very happy about this!! (but the server seems to be a bit too full… uh that we can’t fix… Apologies for the inconvenience)

I’ve checked the names up on the rankings, and I’ve seen names that are familiar… :p

Btw, as of Feb 5th in Japan, there were more than 20,000 people who has experienced the network mode worldwide!  More and more people are playing online which makes me really happy.

A bit about rankings.  The release date was January, so the result for the month (January) is up.  As well as monthly rankings, this week, and the week before are being updated constantly. 

The weekly rankings are updated on Sundays, so if you are challenging youself to put your name up on ranking, I advise you to try out for weekly ranking!  Personally, I want to see more new names coming up on the rankings, so that is why it’s good about weekly rankings.

You also know that there are titles as you gain battle points, right?  There are quite a few, so let’s battle some more and look for new titles!!

Last time we posted some combo videos – I’ll post 2 new ones–this is Frank:

It’s Frank-san’s one-after-the-other attack party!  Man, you are a super photojournalist. LOL

And Joe the Condor.

Pretty cool, huh?!  The combos are well connected to/fromBird Missile Strike’s explosion.

Now, I’m totally out of gameplay movies to show you.   For real! LOL  But I’ve started to see many cool combo videos up on the internet…  so I will leave it to the fans!  Yoroshiku!

Now in my next blog…

At last!  I would like to talk about details, explain about changes and extras that were done to Cross Generation of Heroes for Ultimate All-Stars.

We’ll see….  (I need to start thinking what I should write….:p )