The Capcom Unity Trophy/Achievement Unlocked Contest!

Jul 12, 2010
2010 Jul 12

As a company, we’ve made a LOT of games. It’s difficult to remember a time before our games had achievements and trophies, but it’s true. Games like Okami, Resident Evil 4, God Hand, and Devil May Cry 1-3 were created before Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Recently, we stumbled onto this humorous article over at Game Crave .

Well, since we have some awesome prizes to give away, this got us thinking…wouldn’t it be cool to create a contest for the best, creative fan-made trophy/achievement for some of our classic PS2-era games? What if Okami, Resident Evil 4, or Monster Hunter (for the PS2) had achievements?

Hit the jump for examples, details, deadlines, and prizing!

For example:

Resident Evil 4: “What are ya buyin’?” Trophy/Achievement unlocked when you make the merchant say this 200 times.

Okami: “Nice Things!” – Collect all 100 beads in the game

Monster Hunter: “Ironbeard’s Delight” – Take down 2 monsters larger than yourself in under 3 minutes without getting damaged.

How to submit:

We want your most brilliant, creative ideas! Please leave a comment with the name of the achievement and a brief description about how to obtain it! You can submit one trophy/achievement per game.

Winners will be selected for each category (Resident Evil 4, Okami, and Monster Hunter) and the results will be announced at a future date!

Prizing for each category is as follows:

For RE4: Three RE5 Figures

For Okami: 2 Okami-themed t-shirts, Okamiden wristband, Okami Calligraphy Board

For Monster Hunter (PS2): Wii controller skin, Lagiacrus fossil model kit, and Monster Hunter mini-weapon.

The contest ends this Thursday on July 16th at 11:59PM PDT!

Good luck!

Official contest rules here .