The Game Awards extended Devil May Cry 5 trailer featuring V, cameo system and more

Dec 07, 2018
2018 Dec 07
Yuri Araujo

It’s showtime! The Game Awards 2018 just debuted a brand new Devil May Cry 5 trailer, with lots of stylish new combos, the first ever gameplay showing of the mysterious V, a new recording of Dante’s theme song, and hints of the overarching story of the game. We’re here to break down some of the key elements… but with an extended cut! Check it out:

Dante’s new take on the classic Cerberus devil arm gets more screen time along with new takedowns from Nero’s Buster Arm Devil Breaker, but the real star of the show today is our third, and final playable character, V.

V brings to the table an entirely new play style to the Devil May Cry series, using the most unlikely of weapons: a cane. At first this seems to pale in comparison to Dante’s and Nero’s arsenals, but that’s where V’s three unique demons come in: the thunderbird Griffon, the swift panther Shadow, and the towering Nightmare. And the best part is each demon is controlled independently, which lends itself to sick and over-the-top combos. I can’t wait to see the craziest of combos when you get hands-on time with V.

Speaking of seeing others in action, you may have noticed a couple of scenes in the trailer where Nero, Dante and V fight demons alongside each other. That is our brand-new cameo system, made specifically to complement Devil May Cry 5’s single player gameplay. Here’s how it works:

The game is primarily a single player experience, but director Itsuno-san and the team really wanted to tell an epic story with three distinct perspectives and play-styles, where the main protagonists run into each other and collaborate from time to time. So to make that a reality, they’ve implemented a system where, while connected to the Internet, players will make guest cameo appearances in each other’s games in real time, or through ghost data gameplay recordings. Depending on the mission, you’ll see another player in the background, but in other cases, you’ll actually be slicing and dicing demons side-by-side with another players!

Again, our focus is in providing a single player experience like no other, so this cameo system also ensures the experience is always smooth as possible with no downtime.

As you conclude each mission with a cameo appearance, you’re given the option to rate the other players “Stylish” if they put on a good show. Just make sure you’re on top of your game too, as a “Stylish” rating can come with useful rewards.

Just be mindful that some missions will be strictly single player, especially as characters split up to explore different areas, so if the story doesn’t have any characters crossing paths, the gameplay experience will reflect that. And if you only play “offline,” you’ll actually be seeing ghost data gameplay recordings of the development team instead of other players’.

Now for the last two bits of stinger news at the end of that trailer… Spoiler ahead if you haven’t seen the video yet!

That’s right: Bloody Palace is making a return! The development team is still ironing out the details and balance adjustments, so we’re expecting to deploy this as a free update in April 2019, shortly after the game’s release. Stay tuned for more details around launch (March 8, 2019).

And finally, we have just announced our first Devil May Cry 5 demo, available as of December 7, exclusively on Xbox One! This will be similar to our events demo, where you play as young demon hunter Nero with his trusty Red Queen sword and Blue Rose hand cannon as well as Overture and Gerbera Devil Breakers. You’ll be able to play through nearly an entire mission, with the epic fight against Goliath waiting for you at the end. This demo will be available for download from December 7, 2018 until January 6, 2019.

Devil May Cry 5 will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 8 th , 2019. You can pre-order the Standard or Deluxe Edition on all three platforms, and if you’re in North America, be sure to check out our SSStylish Collector’s Edition .