The Twelve Weapons of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Oct 14, 2010
2010 Oct 14

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is charging full speed toward it’s launch in Japan on December 1st. The box art was recently revealed, featuring a brand new monster, the Jinouga (right). Portable 3rd will also introduce the most weapons classes in a MH game to date, with twelve categories to start making weapons in. You can try the new demo for yourself to test a few of the classes out, but it only features nine of those weapons categories. Let’s take a look at all 12 of the weapon types you can choose from:

Dual Swords

They’re back, and this time with more moves. Dual Swords now allow you to dodge very quickly without performing a roll when in the demonization mode. 


Switch Axe

Switch between both an axe and sword mode for a varied set of attacks, both giving you unique balances of raw power and elemental attacks. If you had a chance to play Monster Hunter Tri, you’ll be an old pro at the Switch Axe in Portable 3rd. 


Sword and Shield

Faster than in Unite, with new attacks and ability to do knock-out damage with the shield. 


Great Sword

A classic weapon from Monster Hunter, the Great Sword has seen a few new improvements. Among the new attacks is a “slap” move that does knock-out damage. 


Long Sword

The Long Sword has constantly improved with each game, and Portable 3rd is no exception. The Spirit Meter has seen some more gameplay tweaks making it more balanced when you get to slashing at your target. 



The Lance gives you all the same improvements you saw in Tri, including the extremely useful counter. 


Gun Lance

It’s back, but this time with more attacks, combos, and moves for you to explore. 



An old favorite, the Hammer is back. It brings with it all the improvements that were brought into Tri. 


Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn gives you the ability to give support to your allies and knock the crap out of monsters. It’s seen improvements in Portable 3rd, with new attacks and support stats. 


Light Bowgun

Ranged attacks while being fast on your feet. Perfect when using status attacks and munitions on monsters. 


Heavy Bowgun

Giving you ranged attacks with shear power, the Heavy Bowgun is perfect for breaking monster parts. 



The Bow is back, with all the old moves and some new ones.