Throwback Thursdays – God Hand (PS2)

Oct 17, 2013
2013 Oct 17

Arright guys, personal anecdote time. But first, tl;dr version: I love  God Hand.  You should too. You should even buy it for ten bucks on PSN. But even if you don’t, come watch us play it today at 4pm PT on Twitch It’s Throwback Thursday.

Sometime in maybe mid-2007, maybe a little less than a year after the launch and my purchase of  God Hand,  I discovered a “review” site –Action Button– that, well, I guess had a pretty profound impact on how I look at all games.

More pointedly, it elevated the status of  God Hand in my mind from “a truly very fun and weird game” to one of the tightest, brightest, and most rewarding games I’ve ever played. Six years later, it still firmly maintains that status.

Action Button’s Ario Barzan left us with any number of quotable quotes in his excellent review of the game (the site has at least four reviews of this game to date), but the blunt bottom line (as opposed to the site’s trademark “Bottom Line”–“God Hand is the video game killer”), is as follows: 

“God Hand  could have saved us all, but it can still save you and me from the filth of this world. This is the only video game I still play with any constancy.”

The site’s Tim Rogers (who appeared on our 2011 stream of the game), meanwhile, notes in his own review :  

“Many games feel like work,  God Hand  among them. However,  God Hand  also feels like the Best Job Ever.” 

As someone whose job (today, for a couple hours, anyway) is literally to play and show you the game, I’m inclined to agree. 

I guess what I mean to say with all this is, this game is still worth a look. For you, for me, for anyone making or enjoying games today. Don’t miss today’s stream!