Two bonus episodes coming this week to RE Revelations 2

Mar 17, 2015
2015 Mar 17
Minish Capcom

When the credits roll in RER2, you’ll have two options. One, fire up Raid Mode and start unlocking all the maps, missions and characters tucked away inside. Or two, try one of the bonus episodes that launch alongside Episode 4 this week!

Bonus Episode: The Struggle

Moira fights to survive the horrors of the island with the help of an old hand. This is her story of struggle and redemption.

Bonus Episode: Little Miss

Natalia dreams that her favorite Teddy bear, Lottie, has gone missing. Startled, she awakens face-to-face with another version of herself. Unsure if it is still a dream, together they go in search of Lottie. This is the story of Natalia’s mysterious adventure.

Emphasis on “mysterious” in that one 😛

Both episodes offer further insight into Moira (The Struggle) and Natalia (Little Miss) that, while not required to appreciate the main story, do help deepen the experience.

They are available individually OR are already yours as part of the Complete Season / Retail disc!