Udon brings the Final Fight to comics

Jan 26, 2009
2009 Jan 26

Newsarama has word that Udon’s crate-digging into Capcom’s back catalog continues, bringing Final Fight into the Street Fighter II Turbo comic series. In issues 6 and 7, the Turbo comic will be invaded by Guy, Cody and the rest of the crew, with special Final Fight backup stories in those issues as well. At long last, we’ll hopefully get some closure on Poison’s undoubtedly… complicated backstory. Other things I hope to learn include: why a ninja would wear a bright orange tracksuit and sneakers, how Haggar balances mayorial duties with a pro-wrestling career, why Mad Gear forces its gang members to make the Baseball Furies look restrained in comparison and who first discovered that meat found inside random objects could be good for you instead of toxic. The Udon guys are also dangling a tease (just like Poison, ZING !) that if the Final Fighters are well received that a potential Metro City mini-series could follow.