Year 200X: video game metal from Michigan

Jan 14, 2010
2010 Jan 14

At our recent Las Vegas Fight Club, one of the dudes in the crowd was wearing an awesome Mega Man-themed shirt, which was composed of Mega Man’s helmet over a “Year 200X” 8-bit styled logo. When I quizzed him about it, he told me a story about a college, his sister and seeing some band or something that was really interesting at the time, but then I immediately drank 47 more beers and forgot the gist of the convo. Whoops! Fortunately, Gerald jumped in to snap the blurry camera pic to the right, which helped remind me later.

A quick lap around the internets has revealed unto me — and hence, you — that Year 200X is none other than the finest heavy metal video game music cover band in all of Lansing, MI. They’ve been playing together since 2006, and released a 13 song shredfest in 2008 called We Are Error that contains their epic rock power takes on theme songs from Duck Tales, Contra, Mega Man 2 and 3, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and more. Their website is better than 90% of band websites that I visit, with tons of info on the band, YouTube videos of their live performances in various arcades and nerdfests, a functional store, and more. They’ve got some awesome IP-infringing shirts as well , which you should take a gander at before the Capcom lawyers sue them out of exisitence now that we are aware of them. I kid! Sorta.