Cross Assault Daily Blog: Trial Mode and Pandora Elimination

Feb 23, 2012
2012 Feb 23

Hope everyone enjoyed the first day of Cross Assault.  I am personally super excited for how things turned out. 

Based on comments I have read, it seems like there is still a bit of confusion.  Yes we understand that this is a VERY long stream, and most everyone is at work on the weekdays.  Do not fret, we will be putting content up in a much shorter format, so you can stay up to speed with what happened without having to watch live. 

Up until our Team Challenge and Elimination Challenges, the vast majority of the action is on the Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken streams.  This is where you can see the players practicing, as well as hear the coaching advice from Alex and Aris…

It was interesting to watch the approaches that both Alex and Aris used to coach their teams.  Alex took a very team centered approach, giving advice to all players and keeping the training sessions very open and structured.  Aris was more of a behind the scenes manipulator, being quite aggressive with his team, and spent a lot of time trying to spy on the other team and hid his team’s strategies by putting up who he felt his weakest players were on his team, calling them his “Trojan Horses.”

However yesterday, Team Street Fighter definitely prevailed.  They took a clean sweep of the Team Callange 3-0, and then ReNiC took out KOR in the Day 1 Elimination.  A very impressive start for Team Street Fighter. 

For his advantage award, Alex decided to take a console away from Team Tekken.  So now during today’s practice sessions, Team Street Fighter will have three consoles to practice on, and Team Tekken will have only two.  If Team Tekken wants to get more consoles, they will have to win today’s Team Challenge.

The theme for today is Trial Mode.  Players should practice Trials as much as possible, as these will be the foundation of the Team Challenge. 


Team Challenge: Trial Mode Assault

Each player will be given 5 minutes to complete as many Trials as possible.  Once a character is selected, the player must finish all trials for a specific character before moving on to a new character. 

The team with the most Trials finished after everyone has played will win the Team Challenge, and be given their choice of the four advantage options.

Today also switches around the elimination format, and introduces Pandora Elimination.

Pandora Elimination:

Pandora Elimination occurs when the active players on each team are not equal.  The team that has more players will have to send two players from the same team to the Elimination Match.  For today, Team Street Fighter is up for Pandora Elimination, since they currently have more active team mates. 

The player that performs the worst in the Team Challenge that day is automatically sent to the Elimination Match.

The coach and four remaining team members will then vote to send one more player from their team to the Elimination Match.  In the event of a voting tie, the two players with the highest number of votes will play a match, and the loser will be sent to the Elimination match.  

That’s it for today, tune in to to view the streams!