Cross Assault Daily Blog: Team Pair Play Assault

Feb 26, 2012
2012 Feb 26

It is safe to say that yesterday was the most exciting day we have had yet. The level of play in the Top Player Gauntlet was stellar, and we were able to see just how these contestants stack up against some of the best of the best.  Team Street Fighter took a landslide victory, and for the advantage award, has once again ripped away one of Team Tekken’s practice consoles. Unfortunately for Team Street Fighter, they still had to face a Pandora Elimination. The team took the honorable approach, and sent both of the players who performed worst in the Round Robin tournament to the Elimination Match, TFA Hornett and SherryJenix. 

That Elimination Match was intense. Hornett took the first two matches, and it looked like he would pull off the win pretty easily.  But Sherry refused to give up.  She hunkered down and got into the zone, and then took the next two matches to even up the score. The match went down to the last round, and was definitely a nail biter.  Despite her best efforts Sherry was still eliminated, but she definitely proved what type of player she was by delivering the most exhilarating Elimination Match we have had yet on the show.  Hornett survives his second Elimination Match, and keeps himself in the running for the grand prize of $25,000.

The day culminated with our Twitch TV Top Player Assault, which delivered five title fights between our top players, where each competed for a $1,000 dollar cash prize. These definitely lived up to hype, and it always amazes me just how fast these players can break the game down in such a short timeframe. 

The top players return today on Cross Assault.  While yesterday they were your opponents, today they are your allies. The Team Challenge for today will be a Pair Play 5 on 5 Team Battle, and every contestant on the show will be teamed up with one of the top players. Unlike challenge #1, this time every pair on the team must lose their match before the Team Challenge is over.   

The picking order will be determined by the coaches.  They will play an initial 2 out of 3 set, to determine who is able to have first choice at selecting their pair.  Once a top player is paired up with one of the contestants, they will then join that team and only be allowed to exclusively play in that Team’s area. 

Since the teams are now even, with only 6 active players left in the competition, we are back to Cross Elimination.  Tonight one contestant from Team Street Fighter will face off against one contestant from Team Tekken in the Elimination Match. 

See you all on the stream at !