New Monster Hunter Tri Weapon: Sharq Attaq

May 17, 2010
2010 May 17

The Event Quests in Monster Hunter Tri have already started, giving you a chance to get some new weapons and armor. Today I’m highlighting a little quest that gives one of the craziest lances in the game. The quest, “Alluring Dress” is a bit deceiving. You see, the goal is simply to slay 30 sharqs (spelled with a “q” cuz we’re cool or something). Awesome right? Oh, I should also mention that there’s a surprise Royal Ludroth there to cause trouble. And one more thing… You can’t wear any armor.

It’s a challenging quest, but if you’re fast and work with your friends it can be an easy way to get a hawt new weapon. The “Sharq Tickets” you get from completing the quest give you the ability to make the “Sharq Attaq” lance. The lance is basically a giant freakin’ sharq, and the shield is a no swimming sign. Best lance ever? Quite possibly.

If you haven’t picked up Monster Hunter Tri yet, what the heck are you waiting for!?! There’s TONS of cool weapons and quests like this to come, and it’s ALL FREE. Start up the game, go to online, and we’ll update quests on the fly. You won’t even have to stare at a download screen.

Alright, get to questing and get that badarse sharq lance. Check the schedule on for more sweet quests to come.