The Characters of Asura’s Wrath – Part 4

Oct 25, 2011
2011 Oct 25

Little known fact of the day: Just outside that planet Asura battles Tennesee sized fingers is a spaceship ARMADA. You heard me right, “spaceship armada!” This game is a like an onion of over-the-top awesome, the more I peel back the more I cry (happy tears). “South-Asian Mythology marries Science Fiction”, yes thank you.  

Continuing on our series highlighting Asura’s Wrath Characters, here is part 4: 

One of the Seven Deities and Deus’ adjutant general. Completely devoted to Deus, there is almost never a time when she is not seen by Deus’ side. She burns with hatred for anyone or anything that attempts to interfere with Deus’ plans. Olga speaks in an intellectual manner and a bewitching scent trails behind her wherever she goes. She commands the fleets stationed in Gaea’s orbit.