UMvC3 Costume Inspiration Blog – ARTHUR

Oct 07, 2011
2011 Oct 07

Happy Friday, Marvel and Capcom fans! Our alternate color blogs continue, as we tick through all the new costumes for 50 of the characters in the game.  This Tuesday, we had Zero featured over at GameSpot (you HAVE to see his new Vile alt), and today we have our favorite hero with the Strawberry Underpants: Arthur!

The base 1P design for Arthur is based on the PSP iteration of Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins . Arthur’s underpants are one of the most iconic part of his character.  Very few other video game heroes are best-known for their choice of boxers or briefs, but that’s what makes Arthur special.  With each new costume color we look at, please point your attention to those famous boxers, as we’ve not only changed his armor colors, but given him a fresh pair of briefs for every day of the week (with a rest on Sunday).

Read on for the other 5 costumes!

Arthur’s 2P costume is based off of the Warrior armor that appears in Ultimate Ghosts’n Goblins .  This was a new feature for this game, increasing the armor from silver, gold, and bronze to an arsenal of different varieties.  Only a true warrior can wear the Warrior’s Armor!  Best of all, it’s quite different in appearance, which is important for a fighting game.  We felt that a warrior (think Lancelot) would favor blue and white stripes.

The next alternate costume, Arthur’s 3P choice, is the Golden Armor. This is the most iconic of the armor power ups, and essentially grants you an extra life.  Because the gold was shiny and a bit more Arthurian kingly, we went with the stars on the underpants to reflect that. 

Arthur’s 4P color choice is the bronze armor.  In Super Ghouls ‘n Goblins , the Bronze Armor is a power-up that grants Arthur the ability to add elemental magic to his weapons (which also was borrowed for Arthur’s moveset).  We matched the color of the armor to the underpants and granted him polka dots, which somehow seemed to fit with the overall tone of the Bronze Armor.

Now for Arthur’s brand new costume choices.  Arthur’s first new costume in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is Old Arthur.  This was not based on one of the in-game armors, but instead was meant to be an experiment in how Arthur would appear if he were younger.  Despite his prodigious beard, Arthur is canonically just 28, so this is a distinct change from any past Arthur appearance. 

Finally, lover Arthur.  For a guy who spends so much time in his underpants, we wanted to at least give Arthur a look for the ladies.  The pink underwear with hearts, the soft, sensual metal armor, the ragged red beard, and the supernatural supply of lances really make Arthur a killer with the ladies.  Even Guinevere approves!

That’s it for next week, head over to Marvel’s blog for Super Skrull, or check out GameSpot next Tuesday for the lovely Morrigan!