Resident Evil

Tune in to Twitch Rivals and watch top speedrunners blaze through Resident Evil 2!

Mar 04, 2019
2019 Mar 04
Kellen Haney

Twenty of the fastest Resident Evil 2 speedrunners out there will be competing in a first of its kind competition as part of Twitch Rivals on March 5th for their share of a $10,000 prize pool! Check out all the details below!


Return to Raccoon City with Resident Evil 2, out now

Jan 25, 2019
2019 Jan 25
Kellen Haney

Both fans and newcomers have been hungry for the remake of Resident Evil 2 since the game was unveiled back at E3 2018. The original survival horror classic captured the hearts and tasty, tasty minds of so many 20 years before when it released in 1998, and the remake seeks to return to what made that game so special while delivering a brand new perspective on the gameplay and story. Will you let your fears consume you? Resident Evil 2 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam!


Capcom at PAX South 2019!

Jan 15, 2019
2019 Jan 15
Andy Wong

Demons and zombies will invade San Antonio, Texas when Capcom arrives at PAX South 2019 from January 18-20 at booth #11864! In addition to action-packed demos, we also have a photo booth this year where you have the chance to win copies of some of our games!


The Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot” Demo is out January 11!

Jan 08, 2019
2019 Jan 08
Kellen Haney

Who are ‘ya? What are you doing here? If you’re looking for info on the Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot” Demo, look no further! With the demo out in just a few days on January 11th, we’ve got fresh new details on what to expect from this unique slice from the full game.


Capcom at NYCC 2018

Oct 04, 2018
2018 Oct 04
Yuri Araujo

We’re gearing up for New York Comic Con this weekend (Oct 4 – Oct 7), bringing the latest Capcom games (booth #1420), exciting panels and an off-site DMC5 Fan Event! Here’s a quick list of things you won’t want to miss:


TGS shines new light on Resident Evil 2’s story

Sep 20, 2018
2018 Sep 20
Kellen Haney

Fresh from the show floor of Tokyo Game Show 2018, we have new details about Resident Evil 2’s dual campaigns, including how Claire and Leon’s stories will intertwine throughout. Read on for more details, including a new trailer and brand new screenshots!


Save up to 75% on Xbox One games in the Capcom Publisher Sale!

Aug 29, 2018
2018 Aug 29
Kellen Haney

Summer may be coming to a close, but there’s still time to spend those lazy days playing some of the best games that Capcom has to offer on your Xbox One! We’ve just kicked off the Capcom Publisher Sale on the Microsoft Store, offering major discounts on massive hits like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7 biohazard , the smokin’ sick style of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition , and collections of games from yesteryear like Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 and Street Fighter 30 th Anniversary Collection .


Capcom at PAX West 2018

Aug 27, 2018
2018 Aug 27
Kellen Haney

In just a few days, tens of thousands of people will gather at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington to celebrate all things gaming at PAX West! Capcom is bringing all of our latest and greatest games at Booth #2109, but we have lots of activities that go beyond games this year! Read on for info on our SSStylish Devil May Cry 5 party, an exclusive Mega Man 11 Pinny Arcade pin, a chance to learn from a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition pro, and a recreation of the Raccoon City Police Department complete with demos for Resident Evil 2 .


Claire returns to Raccoon City in new Resident Evil 2 info from gamescom

Aug 21, 2018
2018 Aug 21
Kellen Haney

Recently revealed at gamescom, Claire makes her gameplay debut in Resident Evil 2! Providing a slice of her full campaign, Claire has her own terrifying encounter to deal with in the depths of the Raccoon City police station.


Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition Unveiled

Jul 20, 2018
2018 Jul 20
Kellen Haney

You have once again entered the world of survival horror. Great news for fans of Resident Evil 2 across North America – fresh from the Resident Evil panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we just unveiled the Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition, available exclusively at GameStop and EB Games for $199.99 (239.99 CAD)! Read on for additional details of what you’ll find contained within this package designed to replicate the item boxes you find in the game.