Beauty and “The Beast”

Mar 10, 2009
2009 Mar 10

These are clips from Gamer’s Kioshen, which seems to be a show where monstrously good players come in and discuss their respective games.  And just in case talented nerds don’t hold your interest, they put them up against a series of Idols .

This episode features the “yes I’m actually pretty good at SFIV” Japanese Idol Haruna Anno (among a few others) playing against an all-star list of Street Fighters, featuring Mago, Tokido, KSK, top Virtua Fighter player-turned SFIV player Itabashi, and Daigo ” the Beast ” Umehara.  I believe every single one of those guys has won an EVO event at some point (except KSK, who is a notoriously lovable loser).

Most of the guys seem to be having fun with it and are joking around, except for of course Daigo, who stone-facedly assassinates all who stand before him, no matter how cute.