And the award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Combotronics goes to…

Feb 19, 2010
2010 Feb 19

Joo!  A Marvel Vs Capcom 2 fan from the beginning, Japanese combo master Joo has elevated his passion to an unprecedented level. 

Joo has devoted the last 5 years of his spare time to completely reverse-engineering the entire Marvel Vs Capcom 2 system, but rather than dump his findings into a long, boring technical document, he’s created beautiful examples of all his tricks by demonstrating them with combos. 

Frame data, system rules, glitches, exploits, and total dedication have all gone into creating something very special.  For those that know this game, you will be amazed.  He singles out every rule you think you know about the game, and finds a way to break it. It’s a testament to one man’s obsessive passion and the game’s own nearly limitless possibilities!  

What’s even more amazing is that the video also offers extensive explanations of how he does what he does, courtesy of his equally obsessed collaborator (and one of our MVC2 testers), Magnetro

The masterwork will be posted in its entirety on Monday, February 22nd, over at Magnetro’s site , so clear some harddrive space and grab your popcorn–this is one for the ages. 

Did I mention this game is on sale right now?  You can pick up MVC2 on PSN for 50% off (that’s only $7.49!), and thrill to the magic for yourself.