BCR 2 Make Something RADD Remix Entries – Part 3

Aug 23, 2010
2010 Aug 23

Part 3 of our  Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Make Something RADD Music Remix Contest  touches on the next five tracks you guys submitted to us. If missed the other tracks so far, you can listen to Part 1 here , and Part 2 here . Tracks and comments from the Capcom crew below!



Rey: I like the minimal, almost freestyle intro to the track.  Unlike most of the submissions, the melody is presented up front while the bass and drums are in the background, which is not a bad thing at all.  I really like this one.

Mike: The intro to this is really hot! I love the build up you created from layering everything on top of each other! Tons of cool sounds/”intstruments” and great progression on this track, good stuff!




Rey: Ahhh…more homage to the NES version.  I think this track used a lot more BC NES samples than the other tracks.  I like how it keeps it’s energy soft, considering that we’re using this for the challenge room and users will be hearing this a lot so it won’t ever start to get grating.  

  Mike: Sound like everything on this could have come from an NES, I can’t think of any other entries that stuck with all “chip” samples. Also didn’t follow a strict version of the given theme which is also cool. I love to see how people interpret what they’re given and make it into something their own. I get a down and dirty/gritty NES style feel from this one. That probably makes no sense to you, but I dig it!



Rey:  This is probably the most trance inspired track we received.  It has almost all of the characteristics of anthem type trance, which I guess is why it’s called “Command Anthem”.  It gives me flashbacks of my college days in the mid to late 90’s.  There’s a special place in heart for this stuff.

Mike: This track really breaks the mold from what I’ve been hearing over the past few weeks. Got a cool “airy” trance feel to it, one of those songs that you could just jam for a long period of time and get lost in it ya know? This song is killer by itself, but having the BCR2 nugget within it just makes it that much better. No more comments, gotta get back to listenin 


The Ghost Station

Rey: Ahhh….I was waiting for a drum and bass submission.  Nice and heavy.  I can really picture this track playing as I’m banging my head trying to get past a challenge level.

Mike: DnB! The drums in this track steal the show for me. I’m semi-infamous for being “that guy” who annoys the crap out of people because I’m constantly tapping my feet/fingers to random DnB. This could very well be some new ammo for me  Cool effects too!



Rey: Another HD remix veteran.  Mazedude did the Sagat level remix on HD Remix.  He definitely has a sound/style that I can pick out when I hear it.  Like the Sagat theme, he uses a lot of echo to produce and ethereal/spacey sound.  Plus I like a lot of the dirty tones he uses.

Mike: I’m in love! If you check my ipod “Maze” now has 2 tracks on my “most played” playlist now. He’s got a solid beat and throws in a lot of neat floaty/space effects on the melody which are REALLY cool. Everything just works together nicely, Maze is no joke! My hat’s off to you man!

Stay Tuned for more remixes from the community later this week.