Dan (danlo)
Round 1! Fight! Street Fighter aficionado Dan here. I main Laura and Seth in SFV, Charge Blade and Insect Glaive in MH, and I’m a huge fan of all Capcom games! Find me here on the Unity Blog or on @DML897 on Twitter!
Digae, pessoal! Aqui é o Dennys, amante dos jogos Capcom e seus personagens carismáticos! Dante e Strider Hiryu são dois dos meus favoritos. E os seus? Conta pra gente no nosso blog Brasil e fique por dentro das novidades em português brasileiro! Twitter @captrancas.
Kellen Haney (capkel)
Welcome to the Capcom Anything Agency! I’m your go-to source for information on rebellious robots, sinister residents, and of course, over-the-top legal cases and the occasional magic show. I’ve got you covered on news for…
Yuri Araujo (dubindoh)
Well met! I'm your resident monster hunter, SSStylish demon hunter and average-height Arisen. I "main" all weapon types in MH but have a soft spot for Sword & Shield, Lance, Charge Blade; and love Nero's Red Queen in DMC. @dubindoh on Twitter. Here to bring you news on...