DuckTales vs Street Fighter

Nov 28, 2013
2013 Nov 28

It was only a matter of time before the World Warriors added a combatant from Duckburg…

Oh, why can’t this just go and actually happen! * sigh * Such a game is just too beautiful to exist, I’m afraid… Either way, we got a ton of DuckTales: Remastered fan art submissions for our Duckify Capcom characters contest , but one franchise outshined all the rest. You guessed it: Street Fighter! More than any other series, the characters of Street Fighter were fitted with bills in wonderous droves.

Andrew J and Javiera’s pics above took home the prize , but we simply couldn’t keep these to ourselves. Especially since DuckTales: Remastered is out NOW in the retail wilds of North America in addition to XBLA, PSN, Steam and the Wii U eShop. Oh, and I went ahead and threw in characters from other Capcom fighters (mostly Morrigan) So without further ado… Scrooge! Ryu! FIGHT !

Artist: Dan W

Artist: ChiNo

Artist: Austin M

Artist: Andreas H

Artist: Daniel O

Artist: David N

Artist: Dustin F

Artist: Evin B

Artist: Frederica 

Artist: Jamie L

Artist: Joshua M

Artist: Katharine M

Artist: Kaydee E

Artist: Kevin S

Artist: Konstantin Z

Artist: Luciano T

Artist: M Smulders

Artist: Mark Strauss

Artist: marvelman

Artist: mashthat

Artist: Matthew M

Artist: Michael B

Michael P

Artist: Michael S

Artist: Mr Awesome

Artist: Nicholas B

Artist: Nicolas G

Artist: Niklas K

Artist: pcd50

Artist: Pedro

Artist: Rick

Artist: Sarah

Artsit: Sergio E

Artist: Shaun K

Artist: Steve B

Artist: Thai T

Artist: Tomas T

Artist: Valerie M

Artist: Valerie M

Artist: Zachary H

REMINDER: DuckTales: Remastered is OUT NOW in North American retail stores! 

Look for these on store shelves throughout the US, and if you want something even cooler, look for the Target-exclusive DuckTales: Remastered edition  and get a free Scrooge pin .